AP Audit Disruptive? – “Fine Tuned”

Rockford Associates Limited has today published its Post Audit Review (PAR) findings for its core Accounts Payable Audit service for period October 2014 to January 2016. Reviews are conducted Independently of the Audit Practitioner who delivered the works encouraging Clients to freely express their honest feedback and opinion. An important and common concern raised by Clients prior to every AP Recovery Audit is

Is an AP Audit Disruptive to everyday business productivity?

The Post Audit Review delivered some interesting and revealing findings. Key highlights:

  • 100% of Clients agreed AP Audits were not disruptive
  • 97% of Clients agreed another audit would be likely
  • 100% of Clients would recommend Rockford’s AP Audit service to another party

Commenting on the findings, Rockford said “The feedback is pretty impressive and moreover it is good we have proven Client analysis to allay the fears and concerns of potential future Clients who are perhaps missing out on the monetary and validation benefits associated with contingency fee based AP Audits.

There will always be a minimal time investment by the Client however like most fears and myths they do tend to be a little exaggerated over time. Over 15 years Rockford has demonstrably “Fine Tuned” its audit process to maximise returns and minimise Client business disruption.

More pleasing, the findings were consistent over a wide range of AP Audit Clients and diverse market sectors including Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Facilities Management Providers, Telecommunications, Construction & Civil Engineering, Air, Private Healthcare, Transport, Travel, Housing Groups, NHS Trusts, Further Education and Local Government.

If you have similar concerns please feel welcome to engage with us.